Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog 16 Moving Day Finally Arrives

I am not sure that we would schedule a move again immediately after the Christmas Holidays, but it did work out. The problem is that so many places are closed between Christmas and New Year, and many service providers are operating at reduced levels.
Anyway the packer/movers were scheduled to arrive Friday, January 2nd and have everything removed by the next day (which seemed highly unlikely). Little did we know that the West Point Movers would send ten workers, arriving the first day at 8am and staying to 10pm, and returning the next day early in the morning.

Luckily our next door neighbors (“the best ever”) had us over for Friday night and we crashed in one of their guest rooms and then even though they were out, gave us the keys to their place for Saturday night.

All we needed to do on Sunday was figure out how to get rid of all the stuff we decided not to move, and to have someone in to clean the carpets. Remember our house was still on the market during all this excitement.

The carpet cleaner (The Carpet Man, San Ramon, CA) was fantastic and arrived right on time. And luckily, during the garage sales we met a young musician who agreed to take anything that went unsold or that we didn’t want. He agreed to come pick up everything we were leaving. And our home cleaning service agreed to come in the following week and try to return things to near normal.
Off to the motel……..and on to our Big Island dream

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