Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog 14 Getting Vehicles to the Islands

We used a company named Pasha Hawaii (https://www.pashahawaii.com ) to ship both our cars and had a good experience for about $1,100 per car.  But there are plenty of other companies that also provide the same service if you want to shop around and get several prices.

Transport time was about three weeks, so we sent one car early in order that it would be in Hilo when we arrived there permanently.  The nearest drop-off point to us was Hayward, California near Oakland.  Pasha Hawaii has pick up points all along the western coast.  If you are inland you may need an auto transporter firm to get your car port side.

We kept our second car as long as possible, but since the shipping date was Tuesday and we were leaving the following Monday, we needed to rent a car for that one last six-day period.

We also needed to arrange a rental car at the Kona airport for the two hour drive to Hilo.  Kona had the only non-stop flights from the Bay Area, otherwise transferring in Honolulu to change planes for Hilo is seamless, but with two animals traveling in freight we wanted the trip to be as short as possible.

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  1. Another great thing you can do is use one of those sites that let you compare car shipping quotes. I shipped my car to Los Angelese and used www.moveavehicle.com because they gave free quotes. You definitely need to research the drivers, but there are good review sites out there for this too.


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