Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yoga on the Big Island

Scuba Sunday with Yoga

Another diversion from our relocation experience.

Where else but in these islands could you find someone like Anthony who combines all these characteristics into a single individual.

He is first and foremost:

An outstanding surfer

Followed by being:

A native Hawaiian
A weight lifter
A yoga instructor, and
A Harley-Davidson Sportster rider

Anthony's yoga classes at Spencer's Health Club are sometimes two hours long and arduous; often including the five Tibetan rites (Five Tibetan Rites).  My premise is that if you can make it to each of his three classes during the week, further exercise is really unnecessary, at least from a health perspective.

The benefits of these yoga classes are many, but for me the best thing is the feeling of peacefulness and total absence of stress after we finish.  And Anthony nearly always says during the relaxation period, "Just imagine, of all the places on this crazy earth, we get to live in Hilo, Hawaii."

I'd like to get a streaming video interview with Anthony one day and publish it here.

In the meantime, I have also made some good friends in the class.  In fact on "Scuba Sunday" where we meet up with the Hilo Dive Club some of the other yoga students came as well.  Here we (me, Kathleen and Vicki) are trying one of the more taxing yoga positions, i.e., "stacked feet with twisted hand," while a bemused tourist looks on and takes our picture as well.

And then there is our friend Jim, who is quite flexible enough -- enough to astound Kathleen at least.

Life is good on the Big Island.

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  1. We live among pretzel people!

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