Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog 7 How We Found a Home – Part II

The view of Waipio Valley from one of the B & B's we considered

Our broker Kelly Moran had something planned for us called Kelly’s “Wild Worldwind Tour” to take place over three or four days out of our stay on the island, promising us that we would need a vacation, after our vacation.  Well, he was right!  We looked at numerous residences, businesses and additional B&B’s as well as met with an attorney regarding B&B licensing requirements.

One of the B & B's we considered purchasing...

We stayed at the Log Cabin Inn as well as two other B&B’s we were evaluating.  However, one of the issues beginning to arise was the ever tightening mortgage market.  With what we had to put down we were beginning to reduce our focus pretty much to the Log Cabin Inn and how much potential it had.

The Kitchen at the Log Cabin

Our main hang-up with the Inn was that it was built as a single family house and later turned in to a B&B.  So, while there were owner’s quarters, the common areas included the kitchen and dining room.  We were having difficulty imaging guests returning to the Inn while we were just sitting down to dinner or coming in very late, and perhaps loudly.  So we somewhat reluctantly decided to pass.

It looked like we were going to go back to California empty handed.

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  1. Came across your blog during my routine searches.

    Your wife is a great lady and I'm glad that both of you have made your home in Hawaii.



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